Welcome to GypsyMoon

GypsyMoon Mehndi & Herbal Apothecary brings you Professional Henna Art and Herbal Wellness. We travel in state and up the East Coast providing quality henna and herbal products from large Music festivals to Renaissance festivals to small intentional gatherings and private parties.

The Art of Henna & Herbal Wellness is healing to the body and spirit. We like to share these ancient art forms in a deeper way through meditation and intention.

Our Herbal Products are hand made, with love, in small batches with certified organic or ethically wild crafted herbs and designed with an energetically balanced formula.

Our Henna Art can range from Professional Bridal designs to Baby Bellies and Head adornments. We also apply henna to Drums and Candles for a more permanent keepsake.

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I have gotten both henna & various herbal tinctures & syrups from Gypsy Moon. I recently had the flu that’s been making it’s rounds & quickly picked up some Elderberry syrup & started it immediately. That stuff knocked the funk out of me in 3 DAYS! My sister has the same flu at the same time I did & she declined my offer of Elderberry & is now on day 10, still with the flu! Stuff’s magic! I am also being treated for uterine fibroids with a special tincture brewed up specifically for my needs & it is working wonderfully! Also, magic! Hands down, all things, all experiences; STELLAR!!

LuAnn Morris

Theres nothing like Farmacy medicine…The Elderberry syrup is immune boosting and tastes delicious…order shipped safely right away

Leslie Beth Robbins