Welcome to GypsyMoon

GypsyMoon Mehndi & Herbal Apothecary brings you Professional Henna Art and Herbal Wellness. We travel in state and up the East Coast providing quality henna and herbal products from large Music festivals to Renaissance festivals to small intentional gatherings and private parties.

Our Henna Art can range from Professional Bridal designs to Baby Bellies and Head adornments. We also apply henna to Drums and Candles for a more permanent keepsake.

The Art of Henna & Herbal Wellness is healing to the body and spirit. We like to share these ancient art forms in a deeper way through meditation and intention.

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This was a new experience for me and turned into way more than I expected, in a very good way. Watching the freehand artistry was fascinating and impressive but the healing energy and sacredness that stays with you is a treasure. Thank you, Sumayah, for all that you are.

Susan Gillespie 

I was attending a festival and basically over did it with the dancing. I could barely walk without wrenching in pain. I had two more days of dancing left to do!
The Thai massage I received from Sumayah was just amazing! I walked away feeling absolutely rejuvenated and was able to dance the rest of festival pain free!

Becca Schugart